Mom with daughter on vacation – to Krakow airport!

My daughter and I spend a lot of time together in my life. We share a common passion, a love for music and we love doing things together. That’s why we decided to change our everyday life a bit and took a trip to Krakow with a low-cost airline. We had heard so much about this beautiful city! We booked the trip at:, and we didn’t have to go to Paris together to experience such wonderful moments, just like from a fairy tale! πŸ™‚

Weekend only with my daughter

Believe that for someone who lives in a small village, a trip to the former capital of Poland, a city that is a perfect combination of modernity and long tradition. It is full of artists, young people and great attractions. Thanks to the wide offer of airlines to Krakow Airport, it is easy for everyone to get there πŸ™‚ Check it yourself:

It was a shot in the arm. We didn’t want to go sightseeing or see all the attractions. It was about relaxing together. We booked a night in a boutique hotel with a beautiful view of the whole city. All right, we went to the fantastic Silesian Museum for pizza and the best ice cream I have eaten so far.

On the second day we enjoyed a real Krakow breakfast – crunchy bagel with butter and homemade jam. Mmm… and that aromatic coffee! Then we went for a walk around the market square, taking a million pictures with pigeons and we took advantage of a pre-booked tour with JTP Group, where together with a guide we went around all the most important monuments on a melex.

Why go on a mom and daughter trip like this?

Who says vacation or weekend trips always have to be with the whole family? Go somewhere with just your daughter. She will tell you more in one evening than in a whole month at home. And memories guaranteed for both of you!

Let me give you 10 ideas how you can have a great time in Krakow

  1. Bike ride together – sport is good for you, so go on a bike trip to Tyniec! Take a map, cameras and some food in your backpacks and set off. Afterwards take lots of pictures of your trip.

2. Going to the museum – choose an exhibition that interests you. Take sketchbooks and pencils and draw what you think are the prettiest paintings you will see. There is a really great choice of museums and types of art in Cracow.

  1. Shopping for shoes – go and try them on, choose. You don’t even have to buy. Your daughter will love parading around the store in high heels. Shopping always brings women together. And every shopping mall in Krakow will absorb you for days!

4. Go to a beautician or hairdresser – another feminine idea. Get a new haircut for the vacations, or a colorful manicure. Let your daughter feel like a real woman. How about a spa and champagne? It seems like nothing, but it can be an amazing form of relaxation, especially in the beautiful Wolski Forest.

  1. Stay at the hotel and have a movie night – let your daughter choose her favorite movie, or maybe you can buy a new title beforehand? Show her movies from your childhood, I wonder if she will like them. To the cinema you must have salted popcorn and a juice to drink.
  2. Bake a cake together or go to a delicious cake shop – preferably her favorite one, buy the ingredients for the cake together and then – have fun while baking and enjoy! Although the offer of cake shops in Cracow is so rich, that you will not end up with just one piece! πŸ™‚
  3. Teach your daughter something new – for example, sewing on the machine, cooking her favorite dish. Explain step by step and let her try her hand at the new activity.
  4. Have a fashion show – dress up as much as you want, let her try on your clothes, parade around in high heels. Like in the movie “Sex in the city”.
  5. Do something together for others– volunteer for a local organization, help an old lady with her shopping, take part in a park clean-up, donate old books to the library…there are so many possibilities, and each help teaches humility.

Krakow brings people together

This city really offers so many opportunities to get to know each other better, to spend time together in an interesting way. You can develop here, discover the world, your passions and enjoy the attractions the city offers. And to this beautiful preserved monuments and climate …